Jounen Kwèyól

Jounen Kwèyól or Creole day – A Day When History is Relived 

Jounen Kweyol Lucian Lime-shadow

The International Creole revival first started in the 1970’s and was introduced as a way of honoring a common heritage shared by millions of creole speaking countries throughout the world. International Creole Day takes place every year on the 28th of October. 

“Jounen Kwèyól” or Creole day, celebrated by Saint Lucia and other small island nations, takes place every year on the nearest Sunday to the International Creole Day and was first introduced in Saint Lucia in 1984 and has since been a great contributor in generating awareness and knowledge of the island’s heritage. Jounen Kwèyól is a day of music, dance, food and all things creole, and although not mandatory, it is a day quietly ruled as a day when no other language, but for Kwéyol or Patois is to be spoken. Dressed in the colorful traditional madras, people parade the streets visiting especially built boothes displaying artifacts and other items. Whilst music plays in the background along with singing, laughter and the smell of food being cooked on coal pots or BBQ stoves.




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